• Full unlimited location and removal of all infringing material
  • Takedown access for over 1500 sites
  • Fast track Google search result removals for problem sites
  • Experienced RipBlock agents able to effectively spot and deal with rapidly changing piracy trends
  • Bespoke software enabling mass removal of infringing links, torrents, videos and streams
  • Real time notification of all takedown requests
  • Instant YouTube video removal on request
  • Flat rate of 25 GBP per week [EURO] / [USD] (minimum scan duration 2 weeks) per release

Rapid Location Of Copyright Infringement

We use purpose built scanning software alongside rigorous manual checks by our team of professional agents, ensuring that available files are located quickly and comprehensively. Our system enables us to deal effectively with the huge number of hidden links, captcha code protected pages, URL spoofing sites, member-only forums and other techniques used by file-sharers to trick simple automated web crawlers.

Unlimited Takedown Access Across Thousands Of Sites

We currently have takedown access for over 1500 sites, from major torrent sites to obscure blogs and forums. We offer an unlimited number of takedowns for all submitted releases. We respond rapidly to the large number of new file-sharing sites appearing every day, working alongside the file hosting companies to ensure truly comprehensive content removal.

Fast Track Google Search Result Removals For Problem Sites

We work closely with Google to maximise removal of infringing search results, meaning that legitimate retailers, media and press for your release can hit the top of Google’s results. This is particularly effective in relation to sites that are slow to co-operate, and is a free service available for all submitted releases.

Instant Removal Of Unauthorised YouTube Videos

We have instant takedown access for YouTube, which has become a significant file-sharing location due to software that enables users to ‘rip’ high quality files from YouTube streams. By removing unofficial videos, users are directed towards your own legitimate YouTube channels instead. This a free and optional service available on request for all submitted releases.

Free Pre-Release Leak Alert System

Upon request we offer a free pre-release alert system, which notifies clients when their releases start to leak.  Contact us to apply for this service.

Full Credit Offered For Unshared Releases

If you submit a release for scanning and it isn’t shared during the time period you select, we’ll offer you a free scan extension for at least 2 weeks on that release. So if a release date is delayed or the content is not shared, you still receive full value for money on your RipBlock scan.

Back Catalog Removal

We can offer back catalogue scans from just 10GBP per release [EURO] / [USD].  Contact us to arrange a quote for your label.