About RipBlock

Founded in 2008, RipBlock pioneered the first effective and affordable solution to online piracy for the music, film and publishing industries, and continues to provide an essential service to over 400 clients.

RipBlock scans all known filesharing, torrent and video sites to provide the fastest and most comprehensive response to online piracy currently available. The service also covers cyberlockers, blogs, forums, search engine results, and content shared via social networks. We offer an unlimited number of takedowns for just 25 GBP per week [EURO] / [USD] (minimum scan duration 2 weeks).

With clients ranging from small independent labels to major studios and publishers, RipBlock is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive anti-piracy service available to content owners, guaranteeing a rapid response to illegal filesharing wherever it can be found.

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Why Use RipBlock

RipBlock conducts ongoing scans of the web for our clients’ copyright content, monitoring and enforcing removal of all unauthorised links, torrents, search results and videos. Our service is suitable for all forms of music piracy, ebook piracy and film/video piracy.

Utilising purpose-built search and reporting technology alongside extensive checks from our team of professional copyright agents, we guarantee a rapid response to all instances of illegal filesharing as soon as they arise. We are currently able to remove illegal content from over 1500 sites, making us the most comprehensive and effective anti-piracy solution available for companies of all sizes.

RipBlock manages all aspects of tackling online piracy for our clients, allowing labels, artists and producers to simply submit their release details and leave the work to us. As well as sending real-time notification of file location and reporting for each release, we can also offer full ongoing analysis of all removal and takedown data.

Our experienced staff are able to adapt to the constantly changing blocking techniques used by filesharers to counter takedown enforcement, such as captcha codes, disguised links, and members-only sites. Unlike most automated services we constantly re-check all sites for re-uploads, including content that filesharers have attempted to hide.

We offer an unlimited number of takedowns for a flat rate of 25 GBP per week [EURO] / [USD] (minimum scan duration 2 weeks), per release. This rate applies to all formats and media. We also provide a free scan extension for any releases that are submitted but not shared, ensuring full value for money on your RipBlock scan.

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